Be Farm Fancy in the Kitchen!

We love to share a few of our tips on begin farm fancy in the kitchen as well as our favorite taste-tested recipes. Please share your favorite recipes in comment section at end of page!

Farm Fancy Tips:
The biggest tip to being farm fancy is make your own chicken stock to use in any recipe that calls for broth.  Making your own stock is quite simple and unused stock can be stored in the freezer for months until you need to use it. Simply thaw and use.  We even use stock as a substitute for water when we make rice.
Sol Seeker Farm Chicken Stock:  buy Sol Seeker Farm chicken bones, chicken necks, and chicken feet in water and boil for as long as desired.  Store stock in freezer for future use in any recipes calling for it. 

Secondly, when we make duck we keep the duck fat to cook other items in.  Duck fat from pastured birds is one of the healthiest and tastiest fats you can cook with.  Fry up some french fries in duck fat at home. Saute veggies in duck fat.  We even over fry our chicken in duck fat! Yummy! See below

Buying a whole chicken doesn't mean you have to cook it whole, you just get the bang for your buck!   Its easy to cut a whole chicken into parts.   This way you can freeze what you don't want to cook, or make use of additional recipes calling for part.  You can even use the left over backs to make stock and freeze for later.  This is the most economical way to use and reuse one whole chicken.                                                    
Other recipes coming as soon as we taste test them first!

Paté:  Can be made with our chicken or duck liver 
         Chilaquiles Verdes A different breakfast quick breakfast. Suggested to top with our 
          sunny side up duck eggs due to the extra rich runny yolk, but chicken eggs are just as 
          Pavlova  a marshmallow fluffy dessert made from a lot of eggs!! Similar to merengue
          but with marshmallow gooey inside. This is the best recipe I have found! Great to top 
          with summer fruit and berries from farmers markets!

Chicken Gabriella: (tasty and simple)               

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas   So stoked to find this recipe! Being from Texas, Kaley grew up on TexMex and this is her favorite dish! A great way  to cook a whole chicken by making broth  in an Instant Pot. Recipe also uses the broth for the sour cream sauce.  
Tip: put green chiles in the chicken mixture, not sour cream sauce as recipe calls for!                                                                                           

Southern Style Chicken and Dumplings (just like Kaley's dad loves it)

Sol Seeker Farm's Oven Fried Chicken with Duck Fat: (Kaley just made this one up one day)
Preheat over to 425*F.  Season Chicken with garlic salt and some pepper.  Mix flour with some fresh oregano & thyme with a little salt. Bathe chicken in flour mixture.   Place a baking sheet with 4 spoonfuls of duck fat in the oven until fat is melted and hot.  Take out of over and place chicken on baking sheet and place back in over. Total cook time should be around 20 minutes (10 minutes on each side) but always check that it is completly cooked before removing from oven.

Herb Rubbed Duck with Tart Cherry Sage Sauce (this is the tastiest recipe for using the whole duck and also our holiday favorite!)

Duck Breast with a Mushroom Sauce (this is best with your own stock using Sol Seeker's very own soup kits, feet & necks) Also recommended is to use any wild mushroom variety from Far West Fungi, our Saratoga Farmers Market neighbors.

Duck with Wild Mushrooms and Fig Sauce  Sol Seeker Farm duck breast and broth, Far West Fungi piopinni mushrooms, Pinnacle Organics shallots, thyme from Calderón Farm and figs from Hamada Farms.

Braised Duck Legs with Roasted Vegetables:
  Add extra vegetables such as golden beets, celery, kale, sweet potatoes, also use your own  Sol Seeker Farm Chicken Stock

Canard a l'Orange  (this is a recipe that our WWOOFers, Sarah and Lena from France taught us)

Peking Duck Noodle Soup   A simple and flavorful way to use a whole duck, plus a great way to impress cooking ethnic foods with little kitchen clean up!


Braised Turkey Legs best when made with Sol Seeker Farm Chicken Stock