About Us

Edgar grew up in the countryside of Paraguay and was schooled in organic livestock and agriculture production. He manages production and everything on-farm.  He likes to keep behind the scenes, but the farm wouldn't run without him.  Since he is so busy on-farm, it is extra special when he makes an appearance at farmers markets or other outreach events.  

It was in Paraguay where he and Kaley met: she was completing an internship with a local non-profit where Edgar worked at the time.  

Kaley manages an off-farm job and juggles kids and farm business at night
and also works some of the markets on the weekend.  She has spent the better part of the past 10 years supporting small-scale farm start-ups by providing technical assistance in business development, financing, and certification and regulatory compliance
Edgar's education and experience with livestock in Paraguay combined with Kaley's experience in agriculture business development makes them "Sol" business and life partners. 

Cruz and Antonella came into the family the
day before Thanksgiving 2014.  (That was a hectic turkey delivery day!)   They are represented in our logo by the two baby chicks. They have become great helpers in the farm and soon enough will help at markets. They have perfected the chicken dance as seen here!  

In 2015, we brought in our livestock guard dogs, Samson and Shiko, our gentle giants.  They have been instrumental in protecting our flock from bobcats.  On the left the dogs are about 4 months and on the right, they are about 10 months.   Shiko passed in a hit an run after breaking through the electric  fence in March of 2017, just shy of two years old. We are sure he is guarding the rainbow bridge. 

We then welcomed Luna to our family.  She is a great barker!  She is training with Samson and keeping him company.

Sol Seeker Farm takes its name from a play on words in Spanish and English. "Sol" in Spanish translates to sun and is pronounced like soul in English.  Utilizing the bilingual pun is quite appropriate for a number of reasons:
  • The owners, Kaley Grimland de Mendoza and Edgar Mendoza are soul mates. 

  • We believe that everything has a soul and should be treated with such respect; therefore, we demonstrate humane practices in raising the poultry from receiving the chicks to processing the birds.