Welcome to Sol Seeker Farm!
We are a family owned and operated certified organic pastured poultry farm.  We raise chickens, turkeys and ducks on the organic walnut orchard of Hain Ranch Organics in Tres Pinos, CA (San Benito County). The meat and eggs we sell are certified organic, but we do much more than that.   Our "beyond organic" philosophy guarantees fresh, sustainably-raised poultry of the highest quality that is good for your health as well as our environment.

Beyond organic:
1) We allow all our birds 24/7 access to outdoors and green forage

2) We do not control when our duck and chicken hens enter the trailers.  They are legitimately free-ranged.

We also  ha
ve a small CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that we are trying to expand.  Paying into the $30 annual membership fee, you receive discounted prices on our products and free delivery.

$30 nonrefundable deposit required.  Contact us at solseekerfarm@gmail.com
to pay by card or visit us at Saratoga or PG farmers markets to make deposit.
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